A day after the U.S. announcement...軍 "It's not decided to postpone the training in Korea."

토토사이트추천We're postponing the joint drill in December." It's quite unusual. The Defense Ministry held a closed-door press conference this afternoon regarding the non-military ace in the South Korea-U.S. joint air drill. Pentagon officials say the United States has announced a delay in training but has not been confirmed. At the Singapore meeting with South Korea and the U.S. Defense Minister Mattis suggested postponement of the drill, but Minister Chung Kyung-du suggested a different way of coordinating the exercise. In particular, Chung suggested that the U.S. Air Force (U.S. Air Force) should conduct joint training over long distances, even if it does not fly to the Korean Peninsula. The Defense Ministry said Mattis had asked South Korea to review the proposal and that the U.S. and U.S. Security Consultative Meeting would make a final decision later this month. A Defense Ministry official said, "We agree to support diplomatic efforts, but we need to maintain our military preparedness." It is extremely unusual for the Ministry of National Defense to explain to reporters anything different from the U.S. official announcement, drawing keen attention to the background.

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