If you change, you'll get hit. You can't come out.

Director Dave Roberts' constant 'Jaw Nor' is driving L.A. Dodgers into a crisis. The Dodgers lost to Boston 2-4 in the second round of the 2016 MLB World Series held at the Penway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday. The Dodgers, which lost twice in a row, is losing its dream of winning the World Series after 30 years. In particular, Roberts' incomprehensible start-up and timing for replacement of pitchers have been at a critical juncture for the team as the timing of starting lineup and replacement of pitchers has failed repeatedly in the competition place. Bullpen pitcher Ryan Madsen, who failed in the first round, also failed in the second round. Dodgers starter Ryu Hyun-jin blocked the Boston slugger with one run until the fourth inning and gained the upper hand against the Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price, who allowed two runs. However, the situation in the fifth inning was regrettable. Ryu Hyun-jin, who handled both Kinsler and Bradley in three pitches, gave a right-handed hit to the ninth batter, catcher Vazquez. After allowing another hit to the bat, Ryu gave up his walk after eight games with Beninendi, facing a crisis with two outs. The next batter was Steve Pierce, who was tied to Ryu by two hits in two at bats. Then, Robert landed Ryu Hyun-jin and raised Madsen, who was relaxing in a bullpen, in the face of the right-handed batter Pierce. Pierce resigned helplessly from the first batter at bat to the first baseman and the second batter at the second batter. It wasn't that strong batters were playing in the previous match, and it seemed that Ryu's ball was not timed. It is not easy to dispel the regret that Ryu had kept on going. However, Roberts put on the right-handed pitcher Madsen of the right-handed Pirates as usual style (left-handed play), which was the worst result. In particular, Madsen took the mound as a relief pitcher from the first and second base with a timely hit following the bombing, inviting all two successors to the home field. In addition, Roberts is excluding left-handed batters such as Max Monsie and Cody Bellinger from the starting lineup. When the other starting pitcher was replaced by right-handed pitchers, they start playing as substitute players, but it is not easy for a batter who has been resting for a long time on a bench to hit the pitcher's ball properly. Belinzer and Monsie, who were put in the middle of the game, failed to catch the fastballs of Boston bullpen pitchers and retired to strikeout. It is also true that players who are included in the starting lineup will suffer damage. David Fris, who specializes in left-handed pitchers. He succeeded in multi-base with one hit and one walk from two times at bat on the day, but when the right-handed bullpen pitcher came out, he replaced Pederson and finished the game. Right after the game, CBS Sports in the U.S. expressed doubts about Roberts' tactics.사다리사이트 "Mansi and his right-handed pitching performance are not much different," the media said. "Why don't they hire the best batters in the team just because they are left-handed?"

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