Kim Jin-tae "Kim Je-dong gets 700 million won per annum from the left-wing ···

"Kim Je-dong is a livelihood-type leftist. "Gagman makes a news commentary and he earns 700 million won a year." "60 percent of our employees earn more than 100 million won a year," said KBS. Companies with more than 600 billion won in debt are doing so. "People are complaining that they cannot afford to pay their viewers fees while it is difficult to make ends meet." "KBS 1TV's Kim Je-dong (Kim Je-dong) fee tonight is reportedly at 3.5 million won per episode," the KBS Public Labor Union issued a statement Friday. "As the event starts from October to March, we receive 14 million won per week and 560 million won even if we set it to four weeks a month." Amid the controversy over the high salary, Kim Jae-dong told a media outlet that he was being fair. "I'm a veteran broadcaster who has performed stand-up comedy more than 200 times." We can't afford to give it to the broadcasting station." Kim Je-dong said, I 사설토토am proud because I give as much as I get. It is basic to pay taxes properly and will send donations in case of a disaster. We are also building schools for children in Myanmar.

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