It takes an average of 11.3 years to earn 50 million won a year for the office worker.

Lee Seung-gwan, a reporter for Yonhap News Agency, said, "It takes an average of 11 years after entering the company to earn 50 million won a year." According to the "persons" of the job and job matching platform on the 27th, it took an average of 11.3 years to complete 50 million won in annual salary in 824 companies. According to the survey, large companies are the shortest at 7.4 years on average, while small and medium-sized businesses are 10.2 years and 11.7 years, respectively. In particular, 40 percent of conglomerates earn more than 50 million won a year for their fifth year of employment, while only 12.5 percent for small and medium-sized businesses and 9.3 percent, respectively, are found to be different. The difference in annual salary of 50 million won is attributed to the large gap between new employees. In fact, the average annual salary of new employees for all companies surveyed was 259.3 million won, while that of large companies reached 37.3 million won. Small and medium-sized enterprises and small-sized businesses were valued at 22.91 million won and 24.62 million won, respectively. By industry, it took an average of 6.7 years for financial and insurance to reach 50 million won per year. ▲ Shipbuilding and Heavy Industries (9.6), ▲ (9.8), ▲ (9.9), (9.9), ▲ Machine and Steel (10.5 years) ▲ ( 10.6 years). The manufacturing안전놀이터 industry averaged 12.3 years, while the electric and electronic industries (12.0 years) and the service industries (11.8 years) took a relatively long time.

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