Korean party to launch an offensive against Yoo Si-min, chairman of EBS

Some members of the Liberty Korea Party attacked EBS Media, a subsidiary of the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), yesterday, taking issue with its ideological views over the issue by launching a three-dimensional puzzle glorifying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Rep. Park Shin-ho of the Korea Party said at a general meeting of the National Assembly's committee on Science, Technology, Information and Communications, "This broadcasting is suffocating people's sound thinking. It is an organization that harms healthy thinking among young people." Park also said, "We don`t have any kind of a fast-growing organization and what is this doing? We need to take comprehensive measures to prevent any further ideological issues. At the same time, Rep. Choi Yeon-hye of the same party said, "Although there were opinions on the need to drastically cut EBS's budget, EBS has repeatedly announced its intention to improve the budget and passed the budget bill. Rep. baksseongjung ebs older sisters, is appointing Rhyu as the sister of the president of the Roh Moo-hyun Foundation, the point, janghaerang ebs even question the ability and integrity of the president, last time.A partiality for ebs and pointed out. " “must be (Kim Jong Un, solid puzzle) planning to find out who people it should be.”, speak up. Rep. Chung Yong-ki of the public broadcaster EBS pointed out Kim Jong Un as the world's youngest head of state, a leader who will open peace on the Korean Peninsula, and a pledge to develop 프로토inter-Korean relations. Lee Hyo-sung, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, said, "I have concerns," adding, "I will hold EBS responsible for any problems."

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