Budget train rapid braking on the controversy over 4 percent tax loss.When is normalization?

The government's budget adjustment committee (Budget Tax Commission) will be the final gateway to the review of next year's budget bill. If the budget for next year is to be kept within the legal deadline, the bill must be passed at the plenary session by December 2. However, since December 2 is Sunday, the plenary session is scheduled for December 30, which is more urgent. However, the gap between the ruling and opposition parties, which are looking at measures to cover 4 trillion won in revenue loss, seems to be difficult to find. Some say that it has become virtually impossible to handle the bill within the legal deadline. The dispute over the 4 trillion won tax loss took place on the 21st when the budget subcommittee began. The move came after the government explained that a total of 4 trillion won in revenue was lost, including 1.9 trillion won in oil tax cuts, a 4 percent reduction in VAT and a 4 percent increase in consumption tax. In response, the opposition party strongly protested and demanded that the government come up with measures by June 26, and the opposition party announced on July 26 that the government's measures were insufficient. The Liberty Korea Party and the Bareun Future Party say they cannot proceed with budget review unless the government comes up with measures to cover 4 trillion won in revenue losses. In particular, the government is claiming that it is taking responsibility to the National Assembly without any countermeasures, even though it should have prepared measures for the deficit, even if it had made adjustments to tax revenues or expenditure. Rep. Jang Je-won, an official of the party`s preliminary committee, said at a party meeting on Monday that the government would take responsibility for raising local consumption taxes and reducing oil taxes, asking the National Assembly to pass all the losses. "Reforms to the national finance law, whether the government submits the revised bill through a Cabinet meeting or on the basis of the National Finance Act," Chang said, saying, "We cannot increase the nation's debt any more." The U.S. government 핸디캡and the ruling party also want to come up with proper measures.

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