Lee Dae-ho, you can't criticize him on record. But...

Lee Dae-ho is the most talked about player by Lotte fans this season. Public opinion showed greater regret over Lee. Lee had a .33 batting average, 37 homers and 125 RBIs. Still, fans were not satisfied. Lee asked for more home runs and RBIs. However, it was hard to criticize Lee on record. Despite his simple batting average, home runs and RBIs, Lee had the best performance. Even after analyzing detailed data, Lee's weakness was hard to find. It was hard to criticize Lee on record. Let's take a look at the distribution plot of the ostrich. Lee Dae-ho had a high batting average that he pulled like a full heater. At the center of the fence, 80 percent of the bats headed toward the left. 서울경마 This bias was not a problem because the results were good when pulled. Lee Dae-ho's shift was a fast and high batting style that allowed him to escape the net.

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