When does the "Red Wave" LG move?

Hwang Seok-jo, a reporter for MK Sports, reported on Monday that he shook the non-season. When will LG Twins move, which is the most active in trade, be most active? Ko Jong-wook, Lee Ji-young and Kim Dong-yeop changed their uniforms to SK, Nexen and Samsung respectively. "The three teams will play a part in the process as the team's general manager Hong Joon-hak (Samsung) showed interest at the awards ceremony on April 4. Recently, various awards ceremonies are being held in the KBO league. Team officials and managers are looking at each other every day, and the trades that fill the gap between the two sides have taken place. What attracts attention is LG's move. Currently, LG has completed important tasks such as the inauguration of Cha Myung-seok, the inauguration of new CEO Lee Kyu-hong, the reorganization of the coaching staff of the 1st and 2nd Army, and the completion of the formation of foreign players. In addition, Cha is 토토사이트 taking steps to change the general matters of the team, including the training system. At the same time, negotiations with Park Yong-taek, an internal FA, have continued, and the two-year contract has been agreed on. There are no extreme variables.

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