Yoon Rewards, "Good job in the Army."

a four-year pro He has become a "good man" player who represents the K-League. Not only does he have the ability to show off his body at the stadium, but he also communicates with his fans through his SNS account. He is full of sincere and passionate images, greeting his visiting fans. He also predicted that his military life would be exhausting and difficult for Yoon. However, Yoon still had a lot of passion when he met at Haeundae Beach in Busan at his training camp. And I was sharing good things too. "At first, it was difficult," Yoon said. Due to the team's situation, he had to be sent to the K-League right after he went to the training center. But he gradually adapted. These days, I am concentrating on soccer to my heart's content. "It's a grateful team," he said with a smile. Yoon joined the military in May last year. The scheduled discharge date will be January 2020, and the 2019 season will be a full-time resident. Rather, Yoon stressed this point and added a detailed explanation, saying, "It's the year when my portent (possibility) will explode." "When I joined the army, I made a vow to strip myself of my hair. The method is determined to strengthen the merits and eliminate the shortcomings. So, in order to further strengthen the strength of saving ability and net worth, body fat was reduced by 3 to 4 percent. Limit your intake of carbohydrates and eat only meat and fruit in moderation. It's a very small meal. (Laughs)" The downside is the ability to build up. In order to become a good player for modern soccer, he is joining hands with the coach of goalie Kwak Sang-deuk in order to be able to pass. First of all, he banned kick from practice games. It's a stressful and thrilling effort. I had to learn it when I was younger, but I started playing soccer late (in the third grade of middle school), which makes me sad. I'm still trying to make it fun." Yoon Bo-sang knew what he was lacking and tried earnestly, while clearly focusing on life. "I'm also told that it's a solitary species. Many people are asking if we should try that hard. But it's because I'm happy. I really like soccer, so I want to do better and become a national soccer player. I'll be a player for 10 years if I'm a long time, shouldn't I try to be the best soccer player? (Laughs)" When he was a Gwangju FC player in 2017, Yoon made headlines by giving goalkeeper gloves to FC Seoul fans. It was the day when a child fan in Seoul pointed to goalkeeper gloves while he was going to say hello to his bride-to-be. After that, when more fans asked Yoon for goalkeeper gloves, Yoon asked the sponsor to increase the number of goalkeeper gloves. After joining the military, he spends time on vacation sending his goalkeeper gloves in packages.7m스코어 "I get a lot of calls through SNS, but these days I'm in the army and can't communicate right away. So there are many kids who haven't received my gloves yet, and they carry three goalie gloves during the game. Thanks to them, the K-League exists, so it's a matter of course. I will also send you a uniform if possible. I'm enjoying my vacation every time, so I hope more people are interested. (Laughs)" Yoon continued his group's good deeds beyond individuals. He was leading the love sharing through the "K-League Goalkeepers' Club." Kim Young-kwang, Kim Yong-dae, Jeong Seong-ryong, Yang Han-bin and Cho Soo-hyuk joined the K-League goalkeeper group. Discussing goalkeeper skills, of course, was implicitly giving football supplies to multicultural children. He even offered a helping hand to the needy. "It's better to see people who are happy when I share. The satisfaction of my life increases together. Especially those who meet through soccer feel more welcome. We will continue with the motto of 'Happiness, Joy, Learn and Service'. There was also an epiphany that in the heavily constrained army, even what could be divided was appreciated. "I think it was a good thing to join the army," he said with a big smile. Finally, "I'd like to take this interview and say thank you to the bride-to-be. He knows me best. It controls the strong desire to win. 'Golkiffer is a goal-eating job. They also say, 'If you're in a bad mood after a goal, you can't be a bigger player.' These days, I am in the army, so I organize the messages and encouragement that my fans send me. I'm a positive and strong person, so I'll share more dreams and love."

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