It is effective in removing inflammation in the intestines of lactobacillus.Attention to 'new drug'

The lactobacillus market, called the "carbohydrate" market, is growing every year. Concerns are also raised about the provider, which is categorized as a health food. They are mainly about effectiveness and safety. In some cases, patients with inflammatory diseases die after taking probiotics, and side effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhea are reported. Medication researchers have tried to develop medicines using the provider, but have not been able to open them. In the meantime, Korean researchers have opened a way to utilize the drug as a medicine. A research team led by Professor Im Ki-hyuk of Pohang University of Science and Technology (IBS)'s research team on immune microbiological symbiosis announced yesterday the results of a study that can use the virus as an immune remedy. It is through the 안전한놀이터international journal Science's IMunolo. The journal Science was first published in 2016 as a sister journal of the scientific journal Science. It is the first time that a Korean scholar's research has been published in the journal Science's Emunolo.

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