Kim Ju-hyung: Come back with a sense of urgency

Kia announced on the 19th that it will not renew its contract for next season. Pitchers Kim Jin-woo, Kwak Jung-chul, Kim Jong-hoon, Lee Yoon-hak, Yoon Hee-hwan, Park Hee-joo, Park Hyo-hyup, and Kim Sung-min (Lee Sang-soo). Kim Jin-woo recorded 74 wins, 61 losses, six saves, and four holes in 247 games in his first division, but eventually left the team in 18 years. Kwak Jung-chul, who led the team to the championship in 2009, failed to escape the tunnel of injury and left the Tigers' uniform. infielder Kim Joo-hyung (33) was born again. Kim joined the club in 2003 as a high school graduate but failed to perform as expected. However, he played as a first team full-time coach in 2016, hitting .281 and hitting 19 homers in 135 and appeared to bloom belatedly. In the interest of manager Kim, he played a huge amount of training in the fall finishing and spring camp. He tried to be a complete central batter. However, they failed to save the opportunity and did poorly. He only played in 57 games in 2017 and had a batting average of 170 and 10 RBIs. Not a single home run hit. I made a mistake in the Korean Series. So Kim Joo Hyung is a sick finger. Moreover, he played in just six games in 2018 and only had one hit and one RBI in six times at bat. In the Futures League, he played only 54 times at bat in 20 games. He has become a completely forgotten character. 배팅사이트He failed to show up as backup agents for third baseman Lee Bum-ho and first baseman Kim Joo-chan. Now, next year's season is uncertain. In his career, manager Kim Ki-tae decided to give him another chance.

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